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For  a relatively young breed, the bull terrier has made an extraordinary number of appearances beside noteworthy creative professionals over the last 100 years. As an artist myself, where others see odd-looking or even perhaps even ugly, I find exquisite, unmatched beauty in the bull terrier aesthetic and equally in their eccentric, indomitable character. Long time bull terrier lover and renowned fashion designer Marc Jacobs says it well…


“I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect – they are much more interesting.”



Here are a few notable bull terrier loving creatives of the past century . . .

Poet Ralph Hodgson and Mooster, 1912
Broadway Actress Eleanor Woodruff, 1923
Illustrator Cecil Aldin with Cracker (and wolfhound Micky), 1930
Actress Delores Del Rio and Eng. Am. Ch. Faultless of Blighty, 1936
Actress Delores Del Rio and Eng. Am. Ch. Faultless of Blighty (left) and another bull terrier, 1935
Actress Delores Del Rio and Eng. Am. Ch. Faultless of Blighty, 1937
Actress/Comedian Thelma Todd and Jiggs, aka White King, 1934
Actress/Comedian Thelma Todd and Jiggs, aka White King, 1935
Actress Jean Melville with Midhurst Rhoda, 1935
Actor Basil Rathbone with Judy (and Leo the spaniel), 1930s
Actress Irene Papas with Wildfire, 1955
Musician, Actor, Director, Poet and Artist Serge Gainsbourg and Nana, 1977
Musicians Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin with  Nana, 1971
Actress and Singer Jane Birkin with  Nana, 1970s
Master Tattoo Artist Lyle Tuttle and Chadwick, 1972 (note the tattoo on Chadwick’s inner thigh)
Musician Rick Springfield and Ronnie, 1981
Author John Steinbeck and Angel, 1975
Musician Kirk Brandon (Spear of Destiny), 1981
Author James Ellroy and Dudley, 1980s
Musician Eric Clapton, 1980s
Photographer Derek Santini and Lily, 1998
Musician Lily Allen with Maggie May, 2007
Fashion Designer Marc Jacobs with Daisy & Alfred, 2007
Daisy & Alfred Jacobs (and Model) for Marc Jacobs, 2007
Fashion Designer Marc Jacobs with Alfred, 2006
Singer Liam Gallagher (Oasis), 2000s
Photographer Patrick Swirc and Paulette, 2012
Fashion Designer Marc Jacobs with Neville, 2015
Fashion Designer Marc Jacobs with Neville, 2014
Artist Rafael Mantesso and Jimmy Choo, 2015
Comedian John Bishop and Tigger, 2015
Work by Photographer Frans Heidenis, 2015
Musician Lara Maria Gräfen and Vašek, 2015
Musician Alexis Krauss (Sleigh Bells) and Rizla, 2015
Musician Kirk Hammett (Metallica) with Darla, 2000s
Actor Tom Hardy and co-star Onion, 2006
Author and Model Lonneke Engel with Vito (and Neville J), 2015
Actress Reese Witherspoon, 2015
Ralph Hodgson and Mooster 1912 – Photo Credit: Unknown (Source Unknown) // Eleanor Woodruff and Bull Terrier, 1923 – Photo credit: Charlotte Fairchild (Source) // Cecil Aldin with Cracker, 1930 – Photo credit: Unknown (Source) // Dolores Del Rio with Faultless of Blighty, 1936 – Photo credit: Hulton-Deutsch (Source) // Dolores Del Rio with Faultless of Blighty and another, 1935 – Photo credit: Keystone France (Source) // Dolores Del Rio with Faultless of Blighty, 1937 – Photo credit: John Kobal Foundation | (Source) // Thelma Todd with Jiggs AKA White King, 1934 – Photo credit: Unknown (Source) // Thelma Todd and Jiggs, AKA White King, 1935 – Photo credit: Unknown (Source) // Jean Melville with Midhurst Rhoda, 1935 – Photo credit: Unknown (Source) // Basil Rathbone and Judy 1930s – Photo credit: Unknown (Source) // Irene Papas with Wildfire, 1955 – Photo credit: Hulton Archive (Source) // Serge Gainsborough and Nana, 1977 – Photo credit: Andrew Birkin (Source) // Serge Gainsborough, Jane Birkin and Nana, 1971 – Photo credit: Andrew Birkin (Source) // Jane Birkin and Nana, 1970s – //  Photo credit: Unknown (Source) // Rick Springfield and Ronnie, 1981 – Photo credit: Unknown (Source) // John Steinbeck and Angel, 1970s – Photo credit: Unknown (Source Unknown) // Kirk Brandon and his Bull Terrier, 1982 – Photo credit: Tim Roney (Source) // Lyle Tuttle and Chadwick, 1972 | Photo credit: Unknown (Source) // James Elroy and Dudley, 1980s – Photo credit: Marion Ettlinger (Source) // Eric Clapton and his Bull Terrier, 1980s – Photo credit: unknown (Source) // Derek Santini and Lily, 1998 – Photo credit: Derek Santini (Source) // Lily Allen and Maggie May, 2007 – Photo credit: Unknown (Source) // Marc with Alfred and Daisy, 2006 – Photo credit: Out Magazine (Source) // Daisy and Alfred for Marc Jacobs 2007 – Photo Credit: Unknown (Source) // Marc and Alfred for the book ’Dogs in Vogue; A Century of Canine Chic’, 2009 – Photo Credit: Vogue (Source) // Liam Gallagher and his Bull Terrier, 2000s – Photo credit: Unknown (Source) // Patrick Swirc and Paulette, 2012 – Photo credit: Christian Adnin (Source) // Marc Jacobs and Neville, 2014 – Photog credit: Marc Jacobs (Source) // Marc Jacobs and Neville, 2014 – Photo credit: Steven Meisel (Source) // Rafael Mantesso and Jimmy Choo, 2015 – Photo credit: Rafael Mantesso (Source) // John Bishop and Tigger, 2015 – Photo credit: John Bishop (Source)  // Frans Heidenis photograph, 2015 | Photo credit: Frans Heidenis (Source) // Lara Maria Gräfin and Vašek, 2015 – Photo credit: Unknown (Source) // Alexis Krauss and Rizla, 2015 – Photographer Bill Stepanoski (Source)  // Kirk Hammett and Darla, 2000s – Photo credit: Kirk Hammett (Source) // Tom Hardy and Onion in the film Scenes of a Sexual Nature, 2006, (Source) Tom also co-starred with another bull terrier in the BBC’s 2007 adaption of Oliver Twist // Lonnie Engel and Vito, 2015 – Photo credit: Dirk Verest (Source) // Reese Witherspoon 2015 with unknown bull terrier, her own bull terrier ‘Lou Ann’ is not in this photograph – Photo credit: Unknown (Source)




Lix North | Artist, Illustrator, Photographer, Designer. Owned by The Lulu Bully.


I grew up on a farm in rural New Zealand. Forever fond of my gumboots and jumping in muddy puddles, my childhood best friends were the farm working dogs (huntaways, bearded and border collies) and the family spaniels. Animals have always been an intrinsic part of my life, I spent a lot of my youth caring for farm and domestic animals, hand rearing orphaned animals and watching and assisting farm hands and vets. One of my earliest memories is the magic and awe I felt as a toddler watching my grandmother help a litter of puppies into the world. As legend has it, my first word was ‘woof’.


As an artist and photographer I seek the imperfections that make each of us, each fleeting moment, and the world around us, utterly unique. I strive to capture our points of difference, our foibles and eccentricities, our daydreams and delusions, our innate temporality – I believe that in the juxtaposition of wonderful strangeness lies an exquisite, honest beauty far greater than that built on pure symmetry, calculable balance or flawlessness. Who better as my muse than a Bull Terrier – the very embodiment of wonderful strangeness.
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