Ever the delightful weirdo, and unlike any dog I’ve known before, Lulu always adored having her photo taken. The consummate diva, she’d comes running for the click of the shutter, the clap of a flash bulb. The moment I finished setting up backdrops or flashes I’d turn around to find her sitting bang smack in the limelight with a cheeky grin and the air of an immovable object. If asked to move to the periphery while I shoot a client, interjections of indignant barks would punctuate the rest of the shoot until she was allowed her cameo appearance. She knew exactly what the little LCD screen on the camera was for and would sit and watch, transfixed, as I’d scroll through the latest shots for her on the camera display.


And as for dressing up? I had never dressed a dog in my life before Lulu (I thought the concept ridiculous). So much as drop a tea towel over her as a puppy and she’d run to the nearest mirror to admire her fine self. The hilarious moment she wore a tutu for the first time (approx 1y/o) is documented on video HERE.


With that in mind it’s not hard to believe that I have literally thousands of photos of Lulu. Here are just a few favourites, both in and out of the studio…


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Lix North | Artist, Illustrator, Photographer. Owned by The Lulu Bully.


I grew up on a farm in rural New Zealand. Forever fond of my gumboots and jumping in muddy puddles, my childhood best friends were the farm working dogs (huntaways, bearded and border collies) and the family spaniels. Animals have always been an intrinsic part of my life, I spent a lot of my youth caring for farm and domestic animals, hand rearing orphaned animals and watching and assisting farm hands and vets. One of my earliest memories is the magic and awe I felt as a toddler watching my grandmother help a litter of puppies into the world. As legend has it, my first word was ‘woof’.


As an artist and photographer I seek the imperfections that make each of us, each fleeting moment, and the world around us, utterly unique. I strive to capture our points of difference, our foibles and eccentricities, our daydreams and delusions, our innate temporality – I believe that in the juxtaposition of wonderful strangeness lies an exquisite, honest beauty far greater than that built on pure symmetry, calculable balance or flawlessness. Who better as my muse than a Bull Terrier – the very embodiment of wonderful strangeness.


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