Tips for healthy play, solid boundaries, a balanced mind and a happy life with your Bully!



Life With Your Bull Terrier



Even if you’ve owned a dog before, and are familiar with raising and training a puppy, be prepared for your Bull Terrier to provide you a NEW experience.


From day one there is nothing more important to a Bull Terrier than the affection, companionship, and the audience (but not necessarily the approval) of his loved ones. A rare breed of canine comedian, to the Bully of any age, laughter is praise and a sense of humour, unlike other breeds, is intrinsic. Commonly described as the ‘toddler in a dog suit’, many Bullies show an extraordinary approach to learning from a very young age, often experimenting in the field of cause and effect with the surprising efficacy of a child. The first time Bull Terrier owner may initially be surprised and a little perplexed by the eccentric nature of their new family member. But if you can keep strong boundaries while nurturing their unique intelligence and making learning fun, you’ll find there are few limits to what you and your happy, well grounded, Bull terrier can achieve together.


Socialisation with other calm and friendly dogs is very important for Bull Terriers, as is obedience training which can be undertaken on your own (if you have experience) or in a class, when your puppy is ready. It’s important to choose your obedience class or tutor wisely – visit first without your puppy, talk to the tutor (preferably find one with experience with the breed, or at least a positive attitude toward them) and go with your gut as to whether the environment is right for you.


Bull terriers thrive as pack members. It’s very important to establish and maintain your position as pack leader with your Bull Terrier through calm-assertive behaviour and boundaries. Cesar Millan is an expert at teaching these techniques, read up on the basics HERE and be prepared. As tough as your Bull Terrier might look, it’s very important for your Bully’s peace of mind and happiness that you don’t encourage their protective qualities. Never make your dog feel responsible for protecting you or your property as it encourages stress, anxiety and negative behaviours. Make it clear to them from a young age that you are their protector and carer, their pack leader.


Almost every Bull Terrier is born with the unique strength of character and personality that will eventually, with the right kind of attention, see them become the heart and soul of the party and the light in your life. However it’s this lateral and inquisitive intelligence, boundless spirit and desire for constant companionship that can make for a destructive combination in a puppy left unattended or an adult left untrained. For this reason it’s of utmost importance that anyone considering owning a Bull Terrier has the time, energy, tenacity and lifestyle compatible with the needs of this unique and special breed of dog.


Always remember; as an owner you are responsible for the actions of your dog, and as a Bull Terrier owner you must accept your part, and your dog’s, in creating an accurate and positive reputation for the breed as a whole. Together with our Bullies we can educate and lead by example to secure a positive future for the breed we love.

PS. Be prepared to never again have a neatly made bed stay that way. Hucklebutting on the bed is DNA coded, they all do it, in every corner of the world. Resistance is futile. Acceptance on the other hand is the harbinger of years of joy and laughter. Check out the video below too see what I mean…




Lix North | Artist, Illustrator, Photographer. Owned by The Lulu Bully.

I grew up on a farm in rural New Zealand. Forever fond of my gumboots and jumping in muddy puddles, my childhood best friends were the farm working dogs (huntaways, bearded and border collies) and the family spaniels. Animals have always been an intrinsic part of my life, I spent a lot of my youth caring for farm and domestic animals, hand rearing orphaned animals and watching and assisting farm hands and vets. One of my earliest memories is the magic and awe I felt as a toddler watching my grandmother help a litter of puppies into the world. As legend has it, my first word was ‘woof’.


As an artist and photographer I seek the imperfections that make each of us, each fleeting moment, and the world around us, utterly unique. I strive to capture our points of difference, our foibles and eccentricities, our daydreams and delusions, our innate temporality – I believe that in the juxtaposition of wonderful strangeness lies an exquisite, honest beauty far greater than that built on pure symmetry, calculable balance or flawlessness. Who better as my muse than a Bull Terrier – the very embodiment of wonderful strangeness.


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